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Technologies offered

solar photovoltaic generation systems

Our areas of operation

Republic of Ireland: Connacht, west Ulster, Leinster, south Ulster, Munster

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list of all installers
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15 Apr 2014
Clear skies offer view of 'blood moon' eclipse
New Mexico?s star-gazers and night owls were treated to a full lunar eclipse Monday night and into Tuesday morning.
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15 Apr 2014
Architect designs new transit hub straight out of ?The Jetsons?
Two architects have completely reimagined a Queens transit hub with a sprawling, sea creature-like design that includes apartments straight out of ?The Jetsons.? The towering, webbed Urban Alloy Towers, designed...
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16 Apr 2014
Renewable Energy Group Provides Preliminary Results and Announces Earnings Reporting Date for First Quarter 2014
Renewable Energy Group, Inc. today announced its preliminary results for the first quarter of 2014 and announced the date for the Company?s first quarter 2014 earning
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