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 SM 7000: technical sheet
SM 7000 PolyCrystalline Si solar panel by SOLARA AG

manufacturer SOLARA AG
nominal efficiency   12.213 %
nominal power rating   160 Watt
max voltage   540 Volt

Electrical characteristics during Standard Test Conditions (STC)

voltage at OC 28.4 Volt current at SC 8.04 Amp  
voltage at MPP 22.8 Volt current at MPP 7.02 Amp  
δV/C° -94 mVolt/C° δI/C° 3.22 mAmp/C°  
tolerance +ve 5 % tolerance -ve 5 %  

Electrical characteristics during load conditions (25 C°, 300 W/m²)

voltage at OC 24.688 Volt current at SC 2.412 Amp  
voltage at MPP 20.811 Volt current at MPP 2.106 Amp  

Material characteristics

incidence coefficient (θ) 95 % specific heat capacity 920 J/kg/°C  
absorbtion coefficient (α) 70 % emission coefficient (ε) 85 %  

Mechanical characteristics

length 1318 mm width 994 mm  
thickness ? mm weight 16 kg  

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