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 SM 2000 (24 V): technical sheet
SM 2000 (24 V) PolyCrystalline Si solar panel by SOLARA AG

manufacturer SOLARA AG
nominal efficiency   11.13 %
nominal power rating   100 Watt
max voltage   600 Volt

Electrical characteristics during Standard Test Conditions (STC)

voltage at OC 43 Volt current at SC 3 Amp  
voltage at MPP 34.4 Volt current at MPP 2.95 Amp  
δV/C° -156 mVolt/C° δI/C° 0.98 mAmp/C°  
tolerance +ve 5 % tolerance -ve 5 %  

Electrical characteristics during load conditions (25 C°, 300 W/m²)

voltage at OC 37.379 Volt current at SC 0.9 Amp  
voltage at MPP 31.398 Volt current at MPP 0.885 Amp  

Material characteristics

incidence coefficient (θ) 95 % specific heat capacity 920 J/kg/°C  
absorbtion coefficient (α) 70 % emission coefficient (ε) 85 %  

Mechanical characteristics

length 1335 mm width 673 mm  
thickness ? mm weight 10.5 kg  

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