sunnyCALC™: features
sunnyCALC™ is packed with great features that make this product easy and fast to use, whilst at the same time guaranteeing you the best reports possible.

How much does it cost?

what you get with sunnyCALC™

complete solution: sunnyCALC™ is fully self-contained. You do not need to procure any additional files or data – it is pre-loaded with weather data and it is pre-loaded with technical specifications for available solar energy equipment. You do not need to spend time and money looking for add-ons etc as you tender for new projects.
sunnyCALC: access projects 24/7
full market coverage: sunnyCALC™ will work for all loactions in the UK and Ireland, using any equipment available in these markets. You do not need to spend time or money seeking new solutions for new projects and you can adopt a single standard across all projects regardless of location or preferred equipment.

auto-design: sunnyCALC™ has an auto-design feature, allowing non-experts to experience the power of this tool. This provides you a unique opportunity to develop customer confidence, as they can 'verify' your results and projections.

real-life simulation: sunnyCALC™ is designed to mimic the real-life situation as closely as possible – real hourly/local weather data, 30 minute solar path tracking, site replication modules e.g. shading calculations, actual energy costs. The result is high quality results that you can rely on as you build rapport with your customer.
billing, before and after: sunnyCALC
system optimisation: sunnyCALC™\ has a results comparison tool. Using this feature, you can graphically compare the results of a number of calculations on the same chart. This will help you identify the optimum system design, thereby leading to more competitive quotations..

quality reports: sunnyCALC™\ reports are created in a style suitable for presentation to your customers. Reports are complete with notes, your logo's etc. This saves you time in formatting and transferring results to your own documentation, significantly speeding up the project evaluation time.

available online: sunnyCALC™ is hosted on our servers, and available online. The most obvious advantage of this is that you can access your projects anytime, anywhere e.g. onsite. However, it also saves you investment in computer upgrades (all calculations are run on our server), software maintenance and guarantees you the latest version at all times at no additional cost.
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