sunnyCALC™ is a solar panel energy calculator with a difference – a big difference!
sunnyCALC™ is different
It will calculate everything you need to know about the energy you can generate using the power of the sun. Developed independently of equipment manufacturers, sunnyCALC™ is unique because it is available to property owners and installation companies.
so what? thanks to our revolutionary auto-design feature, property owners can now verify their installation company's energy forecast. sunnyCALC solar energy calculator auto-design feature
Benefits for property owners
Solar panel performance forecasting is a specialised skill. No matter how well-meaning, salespeople can get it wrong. We are independent forecasting experts, and our reputation depends on us getting it right for you. read more
other benefits:
  • easy to use
  • we are independent
  • rigorous calculations
  • your free acount now
  • other benefits for you
  • sunnyCALC solar energy calculator experts working for you
    Benefits for installation companies
    Your customers will be reassured to know that you use independent energy simulation software. Further dispel their doubts by inviting them to visit us – if they are your customers, we will also give them free access to the simulator. read more
    other benefits:
  • full equipment database
  • saves you money
  • saves you time
  • your free acount now
  • other benefits for you
  • sunnyCALC solar energy calculator full market coverage