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When designing sunnyCALC™, we had one motto that was the basis of all decisions – 'no shortcuts allowed' – the result, we think you will agree is that sunnyCALC™ is best of class.

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you can trust sunnyCALC™

local and real-time weather data: weather data is the most important input to sunnyCALC™, as it is the primary energy source. For this reason, sunnyCALC™ uses actual weather data. Use of average weather data (e.g. national average, daily average etc.) leads to significant errors.

sunnyCALC™ weather data is collected at 59 locations throughout the UK and Ireland, for every hour of the year. All weather data is METAR approved.
sunnyCALC solar energy simulation
equipment technical data: the electrcial characteristics of the equipment used in the installation is of fundamental importance to the resulting energy output. No two pieces of equipment will perform the same.

sunnyCALC™ draws on the ecoPAGES™ database, which is populated with over 99% of solar energy equipment available on the market. If you want to use equipment that is not already listed, you may add it to the database.

replication of site conditions: the site conditions of the installation site will greatly effect the performance of the solar panel system. The primary concern here are shading of the solar panels and site temperature.

sunnyCALC™ draws on the results of shadeCALC™, an integrated calculator that allows users define objects that may cast a shade. Shading objects incluide hills etc. on the horizon, near-by buildings and trees and roof overhangs.

quality of scripts: the input data must be manipulated correctly, to produce good results. For example, the efficiency of as solar panel will vairy according to the temperature at which it is operating (cell temeprature). In turn, cell temperature will depend on ambient temperature, wind-speed, the energy load and the time which the load is present on the system. Other considerations are wide and varied, such as the angle of incidence of the suns rays on the solar panel glass, the circulation current between panels etc. etc.

sunnyCALC™ performs 32 procedures to determine generation at any given moment.

rigour of computations: if the installation owner is to derive value (financial or carbon) from generated electricity, it must be used, stored or sold immediately when it is generated. Otherwise, the benefits are lost.

sunnyCALC™ compares electricity generation with energy demand for every 30 minute period of the year, resulting in a very accurate picture of surplus generation.
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